Philippine Real Estate is Unique and Special

Philippine Real Estate is unique and special. Being an archipelago brings with it several advantages and disadvantages. However, it is in the challenges that we find business opportunities.

These are in areas of infrastructures, making our islands Philippines accessible, supply and potable water, to our beautiful islands, building power and energy facilities…All these infra projects will drive the property away from the saturated real estate market of imperial metro manila to other regions.

The competition brought about thee building of roads, airports, sea ports, terminals, bridges, etc will create an archipelago of prime properties. It is in infra development where developers can profit.

The linkages of these islands into a SEAMLESS TRAVEL will open the opportunities of tourism, housing, agriculture, industry, business and commerce.

Infra will be the one that will create the economic base for property development at affordable and competitive prices.

To give you an example would be the huge potential of Mindoro. Now accessible via Batangas. Congressman Rod Valencia – a fellow PAREB real estate practitioner and outstanding patriot – understands these issues and has contributed much in the growth, preservation and development of Mindoro.

The prime properties in this region is as far as the eyes can see.

My advise therefore is for developers, investors, realtors, and dealers to venture into real estate projects that would bring about infrastructure linkages.

HOW? Look at the available PPP projects. Go to PEZA, see the opportunities under the Phil Retirement Program, Integrate Communities with Agriculture via the creation of family farm schools and enterprises.

The possibilities are countless. About 7,100 islands united into one nation, one SEAMLESS travel into beautiful prime properties with global worth and value.

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