Palawan: Philippines Treasure Island

The riches of Palawan goes beyond all telling. More than the imagination can see. The wealth being generated by its natural resources I would value to the tune of trillions.

There are prime vast raw lands, just waiting to be developed yet its natural flora & fauna are well preserved. The environment protection of rich marine life & ecological balance of the sea, land, rivers & mountains makes Palawan an enchanted creation of GOD. A Paradise in so many ways. Palawan is an un-polished Diamond – admittedly GOD’s natural gift to the Philippines.

Having these facts and data on hand, a real estate professional is faced with numerous  profitable possibilities and opportunities such as ‘bite size’ Projects located at Puerto Princesa to the billion peso 5-6 star island resort hotels. These are ideally located at the Northern Corron- Buanga Corridor and are a strong tourist magnet.

It is these magnets that need to be exposed more since these bring in much needed revenue to help out local projects and more.

There is one mentionable character – a very popular fellow and intense personality. You could imagine he resides in Hollywood folklore but he is real. He is an Italian- French man who Resides in an island off TayTay near Coron, popularly known as Batas island.

I ‘sold’ Giovani Messina about 12 hectares sometime in 2005. Giovani is in Love with the Philippines or better yet the Filipinas who reside there. He is one of those buffed up macho men – a cross between Tarzan & Robinson Crusoe. He is a Mel Gibson look alike in the movie ‘Brave Heart’ .

He is Brave indeed, gleaned from Italian mafia roots, trained as special rescue- paramedic of the French Foreign Legion, Giovani managed to transform a raw, wild, swamp land with crocodiles & deadly malaria  mosquitoes into one of the most beautiful places by the sea. The property now has fresh running water, trees, marine & aquatic life. Rice fields and agri lands for fruits & vegetables.

Messina Inc., the corporation we formed to hold ownership to the land, was formed with Atty. Tim Abejo and Giovani’s Medical Partners from Europe.  Their Objective is Life Preservation.  Along with Medical missions, they have saved Lives.

Add that to the passion of Giovani’s preservation & protection of the environment, Messina Inc. Corporate mission may not be for profit but they have won more wealth in lives, loves, and values.

Giovani polished & developed with his bare hands the once swamp raw land into a treasure island for private use only. The original price paid about over 6 years ago from the Morelos family was 200 pesos/ m2.  (high at that time) to today’s RACuervo Appraisal of 2,000 pesos per sqm!

Wow! That’s great real estate land banking!

So,  I advise to the young & strong adventurous real estate entrepreneur, developers or professionals to ‘conquer’ with care, prudence, guts and local know – how , the treasure islands of Northern Palawan. This is wealth & value at its best.

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