Staying Focused On New Year Resolutions

In most of the mail that I read from friends and relatives who shared this new years resolutions, what caught my attention was the fact that almost they all resolved to work on their health, wealth, relations,and pursue happiness and fulfillment in their lives.

Looking back,and now being 60 years old,I have experience drawing up new years resolution,but just sadly finding out that since its difficult to carry out – I easily give up and funny to say these wont even reach Valentine’s Day. I have learned to be successful in achieving or moving forward with one’s resolutions is to focus.

To be focused means to really want to – a will to change for the better and for this to be so…to be ready to undertake the necessary struggle. This struggle means to go against the grain – our normal tendency to backslide or give up when difficulties or obstacles occur.

I suggest that having a mentor,coach, or role model would be very helpful in staying focused.

One of the fellow real estate practitioner who started from nothing – a humble beginning is Hon. Sen. Manny Villar. In his book “Building Dreams” shows us that one who has the determination and will to pursue ones dreams fulfills it.

Senator Villar’s battle cry of “sikap at tiyaga” is but an example of a mantra that may help us in fulfilling our dreams and carry out our resolutions.

An institution like the VISTA CENTER FOR PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT would help us grow professionally. VISTA CENTER is a learning institution that offers educational and performance driven learning intervention.

I urge and encourage my friends and fellow real estate practitioners to work hard in being prosperous in your career.

This objective can be easily attained if we form part of an institution that helps us develop and enhance your business potential with the right program design, in the right environment.

The acronym FOCUS – would suggest that we Focus On organized use of time on Career development and Unity in family life, and Service to others.

Along this line, the resolutions that we have set forth for 2012 must be practical and tangible.

Start with little things such as punctuality in our schedule; proper use of time; moral and ethical practices in one’s behavior and persevering when we face obstacles and difficulties.

The battle cry of “sikap at tiyaga” will add value and worth to our success.

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