Real Estate Practitioners : Meaning & Purpose of Work & Service

We need a philosophical foundation to our ideals. It is hard to pursue our dreams if our foundation is weak and shaky.

As I attend a seminar on FAITH, TRUTH, REALITY & UNDERSTANDING, I take time to reflect on the deeper meaning of life, work, and other practical day-to-day activities of service, but in a ‘transcendental’ way.

This exercise is nothing but the questioning of the supernatural meaning to our thoughts, words, and actions. The deeper purpose that leads one to seek out understanding to Faith is GOD. So, help me GOD!

That is how we end up when we carry out the oath – it’s a PRAYER asking for Divine Assistance and help that we be able to carry out our commitments, duties and responsibilities as real estate practitioners.

The various tasks that we take on like the daily may at times be of heavy burden – these may be the work and obligations we attend to.  Others like family concerns; taking care of the elderly and PWD; and maintaining relationships between friends and co-workers – add more stress and strain on our weary souls that we need an injection of some “superhuman serum”.

We have to bear in mind that serving others beyond our normal means is a gift from God.

As professionals we need to exemplify the best and goodness in our fellow man. How can this be achieved?  The answer can be traced back to the days of ROTC and from the Boy Scouts – practice the basic human virtues of doing charitable work; being trustworthy; Loyalty; Helpful; Friendly; Thrifty; Brave; Neat and Clean; and striving to be the best.

As professionals we should aspire to improve, to learn, to study and keep absorbing all relevant information so that globally we are prepared to handle problems that arise.

We should project the image that the Filipino professional has a happy attitude and is eager to serve.

If all Filipino real estate practitioners are equipped with these values and virtues – then ethical and moral standards would be easy to reach and everyone would benefit.

Sometimes when you sum up the meaning of life in a few words it is being a human being who has good values and this shows his or her true worth.

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