The Value of Health and Wellness

What creates the value in real estate property is its utilization. If properties are placed in its best use, then the best value is drawn out.

In 2012, take a closer look into the Health and Wellness sector. Most of the times we associate health with hospitals and wellness with spas but we should not limit our thinking to this and go one step further.

Most hospitals are found on their own land and the idea of putting up one in a business tower or even a mall seems like a far fetched idea but it has been a rapid game changer as of late.

Take a look at Clinica Manila, which is located inside SM megamall. The presence of a medical facility in such a location has spurned a lot of people to register there than travel to other far off locations. For them the location is the key. No more long travel when you can just take a few steps off into the shopping section or food district of the mall.

Of course the idea may have been ludicrous at the time but as society changes, so does its need. In our line of work, gone are some of the traditional views of real estate. It is time for us to think out of the box and try something different.

Hospitals-in-a-mall or perhaps medical malls provide an immediate ease of access and enable various disciplines to be placed in one strategic location. In these locations, there is a fast ration of outpatient and ambulatory care services that can be dealt out and in the process avoid the cramping or useless accumulation of patients. The hospitals in malls now have a unique turnover system that lets every aspect of the service be maximized.

These provide a large appeal to mall goers and majority of the patients would mostly likely be regular mall goers thus increasing the revenue and exposure.

Various services may also include daycare services, various lab testing procedures, surgery perhaps, and more. The range of services that can be offered are wide and only to be limited by the mall space.

As we can see, if we can find a good way to utilize the space or location – we not only provide good service but we build up on our ability to see things from a different angle.

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