THE THREE KINGS: Lessons for a Real Estate Professional from the Wise Men

Like the three Kings, we have set out into a journey of adventure in life. An important part of this life pilgrimage is our career through which we seek Success, Good Health, Fulfillment, Wealth, Money, Love and Happiness.

The three Kings found what they were looking for by following a Star.  It will be good if we too can have a Star to follow. This Star is our vision in life. It is the realization of ”why we exist”.  It is through our Star that we come to know how to fulfill our Dream, our Mission in Life, our Life Objective, Goal or Calling.

We discover our Star –the Light and Guide of our Life Journey — in the practice of our professional work. Our Star will help us go on and persevere — when we experience darkness, difficulties, economic & financial failures or when we are in a hostile environment.

A dedicated professional ought to exercise the Will; that is, to want to serve others for the Love of God, giving due priority to family, community and the good of our nation. Like the three Kings, we celebrate with great Joy! We are happy and this motivates us to serve and perform our duties and responsibilities well.

The three Kings and Wise Men from the East gave the child Jesus gifts of GOLD, FRANKINCENSE and MYRRH. What do these gifts signify? How can we draw practical applications from this historical bible account?

GOLD: Each of us have been given specific talents; We have been showered with opportunities to acquire education, develop skills, and manage resources; We have been blessed –more importantly– with Family and Friends.   Let us appreciate these talents and gifts as the ‘Gold’ of our life.

Moreover, we need to realize that all that we possess and own are “on loan” to us. We are but Stewards… Our properties –like Real Estate– have positive value for our personal use as long as we are alive. Therefore we need to use, enjoy and take care of them as its Steward.

FRANKINCENSE: Like sweet burning incense, this gift consists of the Good Works that we offer alongside our Good Habits and Human Virtues. When we extend friendship, respect, and understanding to our fellow Real Estate Practitioners –with warmth and kindness– we go beyond the requirements of our Code of Ethics.

MYRRH: Myrrh was used during the time of Jesus Christ for anointing the dead. It signifies the spirit of sacrifice that is demanded from us in the day-to-day activities that require effort –great or small.. like getting up from bed on a definite time, being punctual for work and our appointments.  It is the effort we put into demanding more from ourselves;  the ‘ Sikap at Tiaga‘;  the tough training of our champion Pacquio.. That is the sacrifice required in order to be a Leader and an exemplary Professional.

Myrrh reminds us of death — a reality that we cannot deny. Life is short. And knowledge of this brings with it Wisdom. We learn to value Life.. to protect and nurture it. We become Pro-Life.

It is through all these that we acquire infinite greater value than Gold, Frankincense or Myrrh. With the three Kings and our Star to guide us, let us use our Faith and Reason in the practice of our Real Estate Profession. Moreover, let us use these  gifts to transform and revitalize our society. The fruits from our work well done will ultimately make us persons of value and worth.

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2 Responses to THE THREE KINGS: Lessons for a Real Estate Professional from the Wise Men

  1. Marose Banzon says:

    Well written, Mr. Cuervo. You are truly an inspiration, not only to the real estate practitioners, but to all mankind. May God reward you for your good works.

  2. Jeziel Rhesa F. Tabora says:

    very inspiring….thank you.

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