Saint Josemaría Escrivá : Patron Saint for Professionals

One of the greatest personalities that I have known in my lifetime is that of
Saint Josemaría Escrivá – Founder of Opus Dei.

Today I remember him with reverence being his birthday; (He was born Jan 9,1902). What impresses me most –as I watched the movie “There Be Dragons”* last December– was the depiction of the Spanish Civil War.

During this period, Josemaría Escrivá
(movie credits) portrayed how a man equipped only with strong faith and cheerful human virtues managed to build the apostolic undertaking of Opus Dei which he founded in October 2, 1928 ( ) — the feast day of the Holy Guardian Angels.

This was a period in the history of Spain –one of its worst times– where one lives through political and social unrest.

The civil war broke out in 1936 in Europe –soon after World War II– making the economic and social situation in Spain so much worse. Against this backdrop, Josemaría Escrivá managed to build study centers, youth clubs, retreat homes and educational academies.

This required not only extraordinary grace and blessings but also human talent.

Being a graduate of law and a “frustrated” architect, Josemaría Escrivá –with his strong youthful spirit– moved mountains with an unshakeable faith. He conceived of transforming all the ordinary day-to-day affairs into opportunities to love God and serve others.

A saint living in the presence of God but with a foot strongly rooted on solid ground, Josemaría Escrivá wrote that it is in one’s profession where one can find God by sanctifying the work done. I wish to introduce this and suggest to fellow real estate practitioners to read the works of Saint Josemaría Escrivá .

His life and experience teach us that even in the worst economic period, amidst persecution and a hostile environment, one can still live in peace, goodness, charity, kindness and can forgive others with an optimistic, cheerful spirit.

I recommend that we adopt Saint Josemaría Escrivá as our patron to help us in the success of our endeavors , the value and worth of professional work.


*Movie Review by:
National Catholic Register:
National Catholic Reporter:
[Cntrl-click to follow the link]




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