Real Estate Service: Filipino ‘Romantic’ Factor

A common trait that I have observed from successful ‘Pillars & Pioneers of Real Estate Service’ in the Philippines is the special personal relationship that the Professionals develop with his or her Client.
Our service must have with it a kind of ‘Romance’- my father Ramon F. Cuervo Jr used to say.

Congressman Rod Valencia (RGV) – father & author of the Real Estate Service Act always emphasize in his lectures the ‘Dynamic Service with a Smile’. Up till now, we see Cong. RGV demonstrate his brand of ‘selling’: smooth, gentle & always with a smile.
Grandpa, Realtor Co-founder, Pipo Calero and His son, my godfather-uncle Tony Calero were very popular then because they were very ‘simpatico’ and their clients would be happy, comfortable and assured of doing business in a pleasant environment.

Even our New Tourism motto ‘its more fun in the Philippines’ can be used as a guide by those amongst us in Real Estate. It’s the ‘Fun’ part that makes our service unique.
By ‘Fun’ I don’t mean frivolity. It is not a ‘shallow’ or ‘sensual’ type of fun. Rather, it’s the fruit of a sincere sense of service with a smile.  Going the ‘extra mile’; it’s service with Passion.

Real Estate Service helps develop relations and one gains friends from satisfied clients. But to achieve this, one must practice the art of positive work attitude, human virtues, and maintain a behavior of high moral & ethical standards.

Filipino professional work has a special ‘supernatural’ spirit. By nature we are a people with Faith, Reverence & Piety. It is this trait that makes us so positive, optimistic & yet resilient and strong during difficult times.

The Filipino ‘romance’ in professional work also demands that the job be done well. This translates to perfection, sense of excellence, or ‘Hindi puede ang – ‘puede na’ . Our work ought to be done with love –applying the finishing touches for the satisfaction and pleasure of the customers.


This is a way we can transform work into Prayer.. Well-finished and carried-out with a supernatural outlook.
Our hearts sing with joy in the service of others.. This is our Filipino smile factor , our happiness that gives more value & worth than a cold, impersonal, tough and dry ‘professional’ service.

Let us –as Real Estate Practitioners– show the love for our professional work by the love & affection we show others. This is what will make our Global Competitiveness shine above the rest of the world..
That is what makes the ‘Filipino Romance’ a winner.

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