The Practice of the Real Estate Profession in the Philippines : An Integration of the Youth, Adult and Elderly

The practice of the Real Estate Profession in the Philippines needs to improve and develop in several disciplines such as Law, Finance, Economics, Math, Languages, Marketing, Information Technology, as well as in other areas of the Arts & Sciences.  This age of new Information Technology (IT) –digital and technological advancement– is growing at a very fast pace requiring one to keep up with the speed with which these gadgets, computers and software technology are being develop.

We, as Real Estate Professionals may encounter difficulties in keeping ourselves ‘up to date’ without trading-off time used instead for Management, Sales, Customer Relations, Marketing and many more. If one focuses too much on Cyber Selling, he/she may miss out on other more personal opportunities.

So, it is important to develop a balance between personal relations with clients and the utilization of IT resources –Cyber Sales, via Webb, Blogs, Tweeter, Facebook and many more. A professional who learns to use these tools will experience a quantum leap in the Real Estate Business by going Global.

However, a beginner, amateur, or one who knows not the IT world will need help. Being part of an effective organization offering ‘team work’ of many talents can contribute substantially to advance the practice of one’s profession in the Real Estate industry.

The formation of a group, team, corporation or partnership can optimize the effective use of available skills, talents and many other good qualities not only by the collective group but by each individual member as well.  By networking with professionals of different ages, resources, strengths, experiences and areas of expertise, the Real Estate Professional can perform and deliver bigger, better and more
profitable deals.

I suggest the unity and utilization of a mix –between the energy of the youth; the responsibility, prudence and hard work of the mature adult; and the wisdom and expertise of the elderly– into a powerful professional organization.

The cohesiveness that can be generated amongst different age groups with diverse talents and skills bonding into one ‘family’ or organization will bring about the essential advantage and benefits of synergy and balance.


Insights and perspectives are stretched and enriched by actual ‘hands on’ ‘on-the-job’ training even while our youthful Real Estate Professionals are undergoing training in the University. Moreover, the stable, growth oriented Mature Adult Professionals –on their way to building a prestigious career– together with the Elderly Professionals –who have acquired the necessary expertise, experience and reputation may now serve as Mentor, Master, ‘Guru’ Teacher or Professor to the young and aspiring Real Estate Professional.


Clearly, such an organization –composed of Young, Adult and Elderly Professionals espousing the Common Good in the spirit of solidarity and subsidiarity – may be fully utilized to address needs specific to each age group. Akin to a family, the organization will be dynamic and creative as well as open to innovation; It joins together the experience and expertise acquired from the past with the strengths at hand fueled by the idealistic vision of the future.


With Organizations like this, the practice of the Real Estate Profession in the Philippines will definitely grow and develop to be of world class value and worth.

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