CAGAYAN: Real Estate Investment Opportunities from the Smiling Land of Beauty and Adventure

Situated on the North-East tip of Luzon, I consider Cagayan a land calling out to  tough, risk-taking Real Estate entrepreneur on in search for financially rewarding investments in a beautiful place of wonders.

My knowledge and awareness of this wonderful crown of Luzon’s frontier, was mainly from the stories about wild discoveries of my grandfather, Abuelito Ramon Fernandez-Cuervo Sr. Abuelito Ramon used to cut lumber and had a saw mill business. He was also known for his adventures in big game hunting — he made money selling Crocodile skin and teeth to Spain. His adventures also brought him to deep sea fishing waters at the Northern Islands of  Cagayan,   just north of Apari.

For the brave heart, this is the rich land of opportunity; and it is available for exploration and investments.

The Projects I recommend are mostly Agro-Tourism oriented Resort Hotels. However, for Real Estate Investors with a “domestic” appetite, venturing into Commercial and Residential Developments within the capital of Cagayan, Tuguegarao City is worthy of consideration.  There is a need for better educational institutions, infrastructure, housing, hospitals and world class hotels & resorts in this part of our country.
Real Estate Professionals can likewise venture in small Mall-type of Retail with branded anchor tenants.

Needless to say, the economic base of Cagayan is in its agricultural and marine produce. The province is traversed by the Great “Rio Grande de Cagayan” –the longest and widest river in the Philippines. The river offers tourism destinations, rich marine life, and other rich natural biodiversity wildlife of the Sierra Madre Mountain Ranges.

Rio Grande de Cagayan

My first encounter and discovery of Cagayan, was in the early 1980’s during an undertaking: an Appraisal of an Enchanted Inland, located about 80 kilometers north-west of Aparri. The owner then who commissioned us to do the valuation was
Don Alfonso Lim.  It was one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. It was here that I met Marivic Lim, Mrs. Advincula and their family.

The island was sold to the Tan Yu group with the help of now Cong. Dodo Mandanas. Cong. Mandanas had the vision of transforming the island for high-end Taiwanese Chinese.  The Asia World Group, AIC and Taiwan investors started the massive undertaking of  building the infrastructure backbone of the island with an airport, sea port, hotel resort and all the necessary facilities, utilities and support services. Unfortunately due to the asian financial crisis, the Project was stopped and the island sold.

In the midst of all these, areas of wild adventures, rough wild life, and nature remain pristine and untouched.

The devotion to the Catholic Faith at Cagayan remains strong and vibrant.

On June 2O, 1954, the National Shrine of Our Lady of Piat was recognized by the Roman Apostolic Nuncio to the Philippines. The 400 year old image of the Blessed Virgin Mary, was recognized for its miraculous intersession. The image of  Our Lady of  Piat is kept at the Basilica Minore, situated North-West from Tuguegarao city.

Cagayan is so rich with historical, cultural and natural resources that I am short of time, space and words to express my positive opinion about the Real Estate investment opportunities in this northern tip of Luzon; there simply is so much that can and must be done at Cagayan.

It is advisable to go beyond the “comfort zone” of our hometown boundaries.  Real Estate Service Practitioners – particularly our young-  are best encouraged to venture and conquer new horizons of Philippine Real Estate. Our Nation is in need of our youth’s  professional, managerial, training and real estate marketing skills, and  talents.

I end by quoting Sec. 2, Article 1 of the RESA LAW:
“the State recognizes the vital role of real estate service practitioners in the social, political, economic development and progress of the country…”

Let us do our part in the value promotion of Cagayan Province and in its worthwhile  Real Estate Projects – for the Brave of Heart.

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