CEBU: VIVA PIT SEÑOR! Blessed Region of the Sto. Nino, Holy Child of the Philippines


Its Fiesta time again! Let’s celebrate with the Sinulog Parade and Dance the Ani- Anihan Festival following the La Torta jingle music and drumbeat.
It’s truly “more fun in the Philippines”

What makes Cebu so special? In my opinion three factors interplay making Cebu the special place that it is: the hard working quality of the Cebuanos; their strong faith in God and their Love for Children (majority are not in favor of the practice of population control). It is the Cebuanos’ close family relations and values as well as their rich educational, cultural and historical heritage that makes them so progressive.

This transcendental “software” of spiritual qualities gives meaning, soul and purpose to Cebu’s positive economic growth and development.

I recall with glad, happy memories the period 1997 to 1999 in Cebu; the Cuervos and Richard Ellis were then business partners. I rendered consultancy services for Cuervo Far East Inc. and Valuation work for Cuervo Appraisers Inc.

Tomasito Academia

Among our successful projects were the KEPPEL Center, Miranda- Martinez Arcade, Mira Nila Township development of the Sala family. The Brokers I worked with were Don Justo Ortiz, Hebert Buot, Elmer Sallador, Tom Academia and others from the Cebu Board of Realtors.



What I loved about Cebu then was its accessibility to tourism sites and resorts as well as its rich cultural heritage.  It was a pity that I was seriously afflicted with Lupus that by 1998, I had to return to Manila for medical treatment.

Keppel Center

However, I was fortunate to have witnessed the great business and real estate opportunities in Cebu during this period. In 1998-1999, properties at Cebu were very reasonably priced. I even recall having written a report stating that Cebu was to undergo a Boom. True to my projection, the Cebu Real Estate industry garnered its strength and this special place evolved into CEBOOOOM!

The Real Estate Service Practitioner can be a catalyst by spearheading contributions to the convergence of tourism investments, business & industry, housing and the building of Cebu’s much needed infrastructure projects like the Circumferential Road Network — connecting Mactan, Lapu-Lapu; from North to South, East to West- into a seamless travel experience.

Cebu, moreover, is a happy city with joyful people. We always see the characteristic warm smile, shining bright eyes and kind friendly attitude of the Cebuanos. Why? My guess is that the childlike humility and simplicity of the Cebuano must have been “inherited” or inspired by their Sto Niño.

The Holy Child teaches us that all these virtues are necessary qualities to be successful in the practice of our Real Estate Profession.

So we have CEBOOOOM! The Mega City of Metro Cebu– Land of Good Education, Culture, Arts, Economic Progress, Property & Housing Development; Here, the impetus for growth is derived from a strong domestic demand, motivated by better income, remittances, and direct foreign investments.

What helped develop Cebu is its motivated workforce of world class quality and reputation.

Viva Pit Señor! This is the prayer and cheers of the piety of the devotees.
Viva pit Señor!
It is a Prayer of Praise, Love, Gratitude and Petitions.

A Real Estate Service Practitioner can work on the strong linkages or correlation of religious celebrations with economic progress and growth of the Province.
The Cebuano values are demonstrated in the exercise of their special traits, good habits and work attitudes that are rooted in a strong religious Faith .

Cebu is the center of trade, business, industry and infrastructural networks. Cebu has facilities which provide the convenience and efficiency of an international airport, ports, bridges, roads in support of the upward thrust of its agro industrial projects.

Like a child, Cebu exudes the energy and eagerness to learn with an open mind. However, this is a child who knows and recognizes one’s lowliness and dependence on others –his parents, other significant adults and teachers.

Cheerfulness is a virtue, an attitude and is a forerunner of a stable disposition. The capacity to be happy does not depend on the external environment; rather, it comes from a sensitive Heart, a soul at peace and a vibrant spirit.

The celebration of the feast of the Santo Niño brings with it a special display of the Filipinos’ love, care and appreciation for family life – one of the qualities that make Cebuanos special. This comes with an open and happy acceptance of having more children.
A family without children falls short of the joy, happiness, care and affections of Life. The Child at play is like music and song; Love and Lovers.

In the eyes of GOD, there is more value in the humble way we carry out a simple work done well with love in service to others.

The value of little things, of little children is seen in a tangible way in the wealth generated by its people –its human resource. It is therefore a huge economic mistake to attempt to cut population growth both of the micro and macro levels.

With a strong population, the Philippines can generate production of Goods & Services in all the Continents of the Globe.

The child starts with a humble beginning, matures, grows and acquires the necessary Knowledge, Skills, and Talents to blossom into a Great Worker, a true Professional.
Real Estate Professionals equipped with globally-recognized competencies and prestigious reputation can venture into projects of value and render services of worth.



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