Success Story of a New PRC Licensed Real Estate Broker

It is inspiring to know of a student who turns out not only to be better but also more successful and financially well-off and secured than the mentor.

This is the story of Dr. Kirby Salvador.

She started as an apprentice sales agent in March 2006; within two weeks, made her first sale to a priest. That started it all as an inspiration.

Dr. Kirby earned her millions not later than the fourth year of her Real Estate career while I made my first million in 1979, on the 7th year of my career which started in 1972.

Her success is rooted in her early training, formation and discipline acquired from her parents. Armed with a good Christian education from the Immaculate Conception Academy at Greenhills,San Juan –graduated batch ’83 attested by Sister Canivel and Sister Ang; and a Doctorate Degree in Optometry at the Centro Escolar University in 1987, Dr. Kirby managed to build up her career in her practice as an Optometrist at her clinic in Ongpin, Binondo, Manila. Coming from a family of Medical doctors, she developed a strong network of clients.

However –like many of us– she had her share of trials and twists –very much like a “roller coaster ride” where all that seem to be running very well and smoothly just as easily go up in smoke –in a wink of an eye– leaving the loss and broken relationship behind.

This is when one’s early formation, training and Christian piety of prayer serve to be the “life saver”. It is the ability to bounce back, the grace to begin again and to have the strength, courage, and fortitude to overcome the humiliation, hostilities –and even Physical Abuse.

It was in her caring attitude for the sick and the elderly as well as in her selflessness and deep prayer that she regained her Life Purpose and inner peace. It is also at Mary the Queen Church where she met her Real Estate Mentor and Guru.

As an active Associate Member of Manila Board of Realtors, she won a special citation and plaque of appreciation during its 70th anniversary and induction ceremonies.

Like most of us, Dr. Kirby had her share of sad experiences, two examples of which are popularly known in the industry as the “torpedo” –when buyer and seller agree to cut-off the Broker in order to save on the commission expense – and the “commisondectomy” –when the seller decides to cut the brokers fee by getting a rebate or requiring the broker to pay part of the expenses such as taxes, geodetic survey fees.

However, these painful drawbacks and bitter experiences did not block her success formula: virtues of persistence , patience , personal service and an honest and truthful heart focused only on her good intentions towards her clients.

She transformed pain to gain. Armed with nothing but good education, determination and the ability to do the work required, Dr. Kirby was 100% motivated to pursue her Real Estate career with passion.

As the Real Estate Service Act was implemented, she decided to prepare and take the exam with full confidence, blocking-off two months strictly for study. She enrolled in a review class –known as CRESAR– under Speaker Cesar Santos .

In conclusion, I encourage those who are without license –yet are engaged in selling and undertaking real estate services– to enroll, review and take the exam this March,2012.

Our Real Estate Industry needs women like Dr. Kirby , a woman of values and substance, a Professional whose prestige is worth more than gold and diamonds.

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One Response to Success Story of a New PRC Licensed Real Estate Broker

  1. fernando cuervo says:

    Inspiring story.

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