Overcoming Obstacles in Real Estate Services

It is painful, discouraging and sad when we in Sales or Real Estate Brokerage experience delays – when technical, legal obstacles or personal issues keep us continually in anticipation of closing pending sales accounts.

We at RACuervo Realty have been working throughout the Christmas holiday season with the hope of closing some badly needed accounts. However, for some reason,  sales closing have been stalled for a number of reasons: some buyers went on a “wait & see” mode, snags on the legal documentation of other accounts cropped up, setback due to personal issues and concerns of either buyer or seller caused that “last stone” in getting the sale done to be more distant.

Anticipation of closing sales accounts that have been pending for months or years may cause a Real Estate Broker to fall into anxiety, depression, pessimism and loss of self-esteem or despair – a very damaging mental and spiritual state which can lead one to a fatal mindset of gloom and doom.

Under this circumstance, what can we do while we willfully remain hopeful that we can close the sale? What is there left to do when closing the sale  seems impossible?

I believe that it is advisable to use the “first aid” solution — to Think Positive. It is important to focus and work on the problem with a clear mind. It is to our best interest that we use our intellect, will and reason – they enable us to exercise creativity as we think and analyze the sales situation through.

A professional is best advised to avoid emotions that can harm rational reason and logical thinking. After all, thinking clear is rooted in optimism & having  a positive outlook.

Another very good solution that contributes  to the closing of long-pending sales account is to be persistent – refuse to lose heart; begin and begin again; Know and practice the art of constant follow up; More importantly, be patient, stay cool and elegant with grace under pressure.

Keep on going no matter what; focus on the Goal. SOLD!  That is our “mantra”.
Let us anticipate victory with a joyful spirit.

The capacity to cope with failures, hostilities, difficulties and obstacles is what separates the “men from The boys”.
This positive attitude begins by having a vibrant spiritual habit of doing PRAYER – when we ask for Divine Help and Providence.

To devote some time in Prayer requires that we step back.. and Let God  Work with our Trust and Confidence in His Almighty Power, Mercy and Love.

It is also beneficial for the Real Estate Broker to keep a well-balanced lifestyle through a balanced diet, regular exercise, and by allowing oneself  to enjoy restful sleep.

A Real Estate professional is supported by keeping a peaceful mind & strong heart with courage; by working efficiently and effectively without neglecting care for the body, mind and soul; by managing unproductive stress through the work that we love to do.

It is always best to work smart, not hard.

A Real Estate Broker needs to gather all the needed facts, data and information,  study, solicit expert advice, and think thoroughly.
The use of applicable knowledge and education enables Real Estate Brokers to make wise decisions.  This can be best done by trying to avoid unhealthy stress.

Under the circumstance – when the much anticipated accounts were not closed during the Christmas season — what can we do? How can we cope?
We simply do our best. Be and stay Happy. Keep the youthful spirit alive with song, music and dance in your Heart.  “Be happy…don’t worry”.

I also encourage Real Estate Brokers to start a business that will earn for themselves positive cash flow…

Start small “bite size” projects like dormitories, home care units for the elderly and the sick, provide tutorial classes with nursery care, set up retail outlets. IT wizards may do Cyber-marketing with E-bay, networking, and the like.

Today, we see that cities and towns which were destroyed by disasters have bounced-back, have grown and developed.
We take inspiration from the transformation & renewal of these towns and cities: from the ashes, mud, floods of the past to what is now NEW COMMUNITIES. Rebuilding is done with courage, the spirit of solidarity,  the Filipino “Bayanihan” Spirit showcasing our essential unity.  It is with Faith & Call to Action that cities –like Dagupan, Bacoor, Zambales, wide areas of Pampanga–  are successfully rebuilt.

The City of Dagupan sank during the great earthquake of 1990. Many may have considered and planned to move away from Dagupan.

But many more chose to exercise their heroic strength, determination, tenacity, optimism & positive outlook of FAITH, HOPE & LOVE to build the city to what is now a highly urbanized, economic region.










My advice therefore is to keep moving on;
Begin and begin again…;  struggle and work smart;  value Life; Love what you do.
And as you do what you love, Sales will come… Your Worth will be in the way you serve.

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One Response to Overcoming Obstacles in Real Estate Services

  1. Rolly Felipe says:

    A very nice and encouraging article Sir Mon! Good and practical advices! Hope you can write more articles of this kind. More power to you!

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