The Importance of an ‘A’ Team in the Practice of Real Estate Services

One of the first steps undertaken during a real estate engagement is to carry out an appraisal of the real property involved. Appraisals are generally conducted when a prospective buyer-investor wants to know the Fair Price with which a property can be obtained or when a seller seeks for advice regarding the price range a specific property can command.


Initial activity of the real estate engagement involves inspection of the site and subject property. Our A-team member for this service is


Jay started as a Credit Investigator…

His training was simple: go out there and do it. Swim or Sink… What was essential was Jay’s willingness to go outdoors, travel, take available public utility transportation,  know what to look for, do the necessary Research –interviewing knowledgeable persons for data gathering purposes and keeping a healthy positive work attitude coupled with the willingness to be out on field rain, heat or shine.

Our apprentice appraiser studied the basic tools needed in doing Valuations. This was facilitated by attending seminars offered by various organizations like the Institute of Philippine Real Estate Appraisers (IPREA), the Urban Institute of Real Estate and Construction popularly known as URBAN INSTITUTE, and the Manila Board of Realtors Inc., PAREB.

Jay’s extensive field work experience and active participation in lectures, seminars and workshops enabled him to establish a footing in the specialized field of Real Estate Appraisals; it also strengthened his competence and know-how in the technical aspects of conducting Valuations.

There are other allied services that one like Jay can do. He is known in our team as the: Liaison officer. That is ‘laias dito…, laias doon‘….

Conducting appraisal work and other allied services necessarily calls for the availability, use and familiarity with property documentation like Transfer Certificate of Title (TCT), Lot Plan, Vicinity Map, pictures and other visual aids that highlight important aspects of the property to the seller, buyer, investor, developer, and other concerned parties.

Jay David’s drawing talent and skills come in handy when assisting in the preparation of the Broker’s presentation materials making him a truly valuable member of my A-Team.

We all have our strengths and weaknesses. Noteworthy is Jay’s talent of good humor. This makes our work environment more humane; where work is done in peace –without room for hostilities, crab mentality, intrigue and other negative attitudes that may damage a healthy working environment.

Our team is lean & mean… That is what makes our Real Estate Service truly effective and efficient.

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