MANILA BOARD OF REALTORS — The First and Premier Real Estate Board of the Philippines and Asia

A wise man once said that a long journey begins with one step.
A pioneering act is truly an arduous but worthy undertaking. Most important at this ground-breaking stage is the perseverance to see it grow, develop and mature.
This is the credit, honor and respect that we give to the MANILA BOARD OF REALTORS and its Founders.

Meeting with Manila Board of Realtors and US Architects and Urban Planners on the re-building of Manila after World War II

In 1938, amidst uncertain and difficult times –just after the Great Depression in the U.S.A. and many other countries around the globe—
the first distinguished caretakers united themselves with a mission to safeguard their homeland. Yes, Home-Land.

General Assembly of Manila Realtors after World War II with leaders of the Real Estate industry and representatives of Realtors from U.S.A. (1947)

With the idea that every Filipino must have a home and that each Filipino should be a responsible steward of this land, the first Realtors in the Philippines and Asia embarked on the long journey towards professionalizing the Real Estate industry. These great men –known for their integrity, competence, respect and prestige— recognized the role of the Real Estate Industry as a catalyst in building the nation we have today.

Within a significant span of time, the pioneering Realtors in the Philippines and Asia have passed on their legacy to the sons and daughters who bear their name –etching their mark in Philippine Real Estate History to serve the memory of today’s generation of realtors. It is, however, unfortunate that some co-founders of our Real Estate Industry have been forgotten; their noble beginnings were never given its due recognition.

It is in this light that I dedicate this tribute to the founders and pillars of the Philippine Real Estate industry.

I often catch myself nostalgic of the glorious times of Philippine Real Estate industry in the past.
I can still vividly recall my grandfather, my father and their colleagues in the Real Estate industry –men of honor and integrity with only their selfless ambition to serve their fellow Filipino.  I have never heard of any Realtor talking then about their colleagues in a bad light. They were definitely united, bonded in strong brotherhood that is reflective of their true character, value and worth.

Reminiscing the beginnings of the Real Estate industry, I am awed by the hardships that our forefathers and founders must have gone through.

The MANILA REALTY BOARD Inc. — founded on Nov 7, 1938—was later
re-named the MANILA BOARD OF REALTORS in 1952 by such distinguished pioneers namely:  Colin McCrae Hoskins, Federico (Fipo) Calero, Jose Araneta, Jose Felix, Rosendo Subido,  J.Perez de Tagle  and Tomas de Vera.

Formation of Manila Board of Realtors with Colin McCrae Hoskins, Federico (Fipo) Calero, Ramon F. Cuervo Jr. and representatives of the National Association of Realtors, U.S.A. (1948)

Today, the MANILA BOARD OF REALTORS requested that they change their name to what is now MANILA REAL ESTATE BOARD, INC. with its new President Efren L. Tormes following the successful term of Romy Lacsamana.

This change was brought about by a personal controversy between a Filipino-American representative to the Philippines and a past president of PAREB  having then lost the right to use the word ‘REALTOR’ –The term ‘REALTOR’  was patented in the U.S. by the National Association of Real Estate Brokers (NAREB).

However, I see this to be small setback – one coming from personal issues rather than of merit, rights, and privileges that is well-deserved by the Philippine Association of Realtors Boards, Inc. (PAREB).

As we honor the foresight and vision of the first Realtors then, I am deeply honored and privileged to be one of the sons of Ramon F. Cuervo, Jr. , a  pioneering Realtor of the Philippine Real Estate industry.
My mother used to say that she was the compleate and total Realtor being a daughter of a Realtor, sister of two Realtors (Antonio Tony Calero and Josemarie Calero),wife of a Realtor (Ramon F. Cuervo Jr.) and mother of Realtors –Federico C.F. Cuervo, and myself.

Seated from left: my mother, Mrs. Montserrat Calero Cuervo, REALTOR Pipo Calero, Conchita Calero-Conde; Standing from left: REALTOR Ramon F.Cuervo,Jr., Charito Calero, REALTOR Josemari Calero, REALTOR Tony Calero, Grace Asuncion Calero

It is for this reason that my respect and honor towards the first Realtors of the Philippines is held with deep gratitude, much esteem, and appreciation.

(“The days of the old only pass but once.. but once they walk this nation, –this archipelago united as one nation, to be developed to its highest and best use; and land distributed to its people– then we can say that our work, labor and profession was good.”)

Members of the MANILA REALTY BOARD INC (Manila Board of Realtors Inc) rank first in every endeavor that professional real estate practitioners come into play.

    • First in ethical practice of the profession.
    • First in professional handling of clients.
    • First in relations with fellow real estate practitioners
    • First in dissemination of data and valuable information with reference to the real estate industry.
    • First in its commitment to a rewarding career and builder of leaders, politicians, heroes, and patriots

The MANILA REAL ESTATE BOARD, Inc.  shall continue to uphold the moral and ethical standards of one’s profession –not just in name [’Realtor’]  but in thought, word and deed.

* * * * *


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