As the Christmas Season is coming to an end; we continue in the Philippines the celebration of Christian traditions. These are deeply rooted in our faith, culture, and a heritage that has been passed on to us for several generations.

At top, the Black Nazarene enshrined at Quiapo Cathedral. Its feast day is attended by thousands of devotees. Below, the image of Sto. Nino at Cebu. Every year, Cebuanos celebrate the Sto. Nino through a colorful festival, Sinulog Festival.

At top, the Black Nazarene enshrined at Quiapo Cathedral. Its feast day is attended by thousands of devotees. Below, the image of Sto. Nino at Cebu. Every year, Cebuanos celebrate the Sto. Nino through a colorful festival, Sinulog Festival.

Last week we celebrated the Black Nazarene, which is also the Fiesta of Quiapo, where millions of devotees crowd the streets of Manila and with heroic courage and strength to their best to get to touch, pass on their towel, or simply to catch a glimpse of Jesus carrying his Cross. I have often wondered why we celebrate the carrying of the Cross during the Christmas Season. Is it because Jesus was born and made Man, in order to suffer and save us from our sins?

However in Cebu, it was more festive, they celebrated with a procession and dance, the fiesta of the Sto. Niño.

Well, this for me is more appropriate for the Christmas season. It is moving to see the love and devotion the people have for the Child Jesus.

Today, we celebrate the Baptism of the Lord Jesus. This ends the liturgical cycle of Christmas and the Epiphany. However, as we begin the Sundays of Ordinary Time, I would like to reflect the significance of today’s celebration and how to apply this in our day-to-day life and the practice of our professional work.

St. Matthew 3:16-17 reads that “The Lord had been baptized, the Heavens opened, and the Spirit came down like a Dove to rest on Him. Then the voice of the Father thundered: This is my Beloved Son; with Him I am well pleased.”

Let me analyze this into three (3) considerations:

1) The Lord was baptized. With this we see the humility of Jesus. He who is Divine, becomes Man, who shares His humanity and one like us. To save us, to teach us, to be with us, to show us the way, and to live a life of virtue.

In Isaiah 42: 1-4 and 6-7, there is a sentence that reads:  Faithfully He brings true justice ; He will neither waver , nor be crushed, until true Justice is established on earth, for the islands (Philippines?) are awaiting His Law.


The consideration that comes to my mind is that of humility, obedience, and respect for law, authority and reverence to God.

To my mind, the difficulty and struggle in integrating the different Real Estate associations, persons and Practitioners, can be rooted in the resistance of a few, who out of pride, desire for power and the disorder tendency to dominate others, refuse to open up, their ” accredited privilege.”

It is a case were one holds on to power and authority; In order to hold the other real estate associations like “hostages.”

By using their By- Laws as an excuse, this group will insist on their own ideas, against the interest of the majority, and the common good.

The Holy Bible will help and guide us in our daily life.

The Holy Bible will help and guide us in our daily life. (Photo source:

2) ” The Heavens opened and the Spirit came down, like a Dove to rest on Him.”

Here I see the importance of prayer. We need Divine Help so that our minds, heart and soul may see the importance of doing the will of God. When we pray, the Heavens opens.

God listens to our petitions. And the Holy Spirit will guide us in our action, behavior and conduct that must be noble, respectful with dignity and integrity. These are the virtues of a true leader, the one who seeks the good of others, not self. The one who serves others in humility, not to be served, but to be of service .

Then, with the struggle to do good acts, professional integrity, and with the spirit of solidarity, there will be peace. A peace that will help gravitate the different real estate associations into an integrated one-
one profession, one family, under one regulatory body, the PRC.

3) ” Then, the voice of the Father thundered: This is my beloved Son; with Him I am well pleased.”

It is so beautiful to learn that we are all children of God, under one Father, who speaks to us.
We hear God in prayer, not from the sound of words but from the movement of the mind, heart and soul.


All Real Estate organizations and professionals should be united as one.

This is the fire of the words, spoken to us by our Lord; when we read the Bible and with the help and grace that comes to us from the Holy Spirit.

To be pleasing to God also means to be pleasing to others. We never should condescend or look down on others. Our attitude has to be benevolent, magnanimous, and generous and to be sowers of peace and joy.

This is how indeed we can achieve our sincere desire to implement the RESA Law. As members of one society, one profession, one family, we try with all humility to transform our tendency to act individually. Rather, we ought, to work as catalyst of unity, convergence, harmony.

Be it, Real Estate brokers, appraisers, or consultants. What will integrate us is the will, the desire, the eagerness of wanting to. Because we want to it shall happen!

Brokers as promoters of market forces that lead to economic growth. Appraisers as the professionals who value wealth, an indicator of development.

And, the real estate consultants who shall guide business, industry, bankers and the financial world with their wisdom as to how to  allocate, the scarce land resources into best use, profitability, and balanced success with social responsibility.

Our nation depends on our cooperation, our country needs our professional ethical practice, our children will inherit this legacy of having practiced and passed on our values that made up for our own failures, weaknesses or mistakes.

History will judge our children’s children shall honor us for having lived a life of professionalism,  integrity, honor and respect.

Therefore, let us all do our part in the full implementation of the Real Estate Service Act- in peace, forgiveness, harmony, humility  and integrity.

Ramon C.F. Cuervo III
January  13, 2013
Feast of the Baptism of Our Lord JESUS

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