Online marketing, also known as online advertisementinternet marketingonline marketing or e-marketing, is the marketing and promotion of products or services over the Internet.

Online advertising is a form of promotion that uses the Internet and World Wide Web to deliver marketing messages to larger audience.

Social media has become a platform that is easily accessible to anyone with internet access. Increased communication for organizations fosters brand awareness and often, improved customer service. Additionally, social media serves as a relatively inexpensive platform for organizations to implement marketing campaigns.

Real estate professionals and companies can benefit from internet marketing. Today, we interviewed real estate professionals who are into internet marketing: Genevieve Bonquin, Jovi Tupaz, and Marissa Tabor (Her excerpts came from the MBR magazine).

According to Tupaz, creator and developer of http://www.PinoyBroker.com, the Filipinos were the prime movers of the once popular Friendster. When Facebook was officially opened to the world, it was again the Filipinos who have driven it to popularity. We look at Twitter and text messaging, and we see the same things.

“We Filipinos can’t help but connect to one another (and everyone else in the world for that matter). Being a closely knit cultural phenomenon, we Filipinos are making a world statement that there will be a Filipino presence in every known megabyte in cyberspace,” he said.

The Facebook page of RACuervo at:www.facebook.com/racuervoappraisers

The Facebook page of RACuervo at:

His statement is true because latest news reports placed Asia as the heaviest user of social media with the Philippines topping the list. Meaning, the Philippines is the heaviest user of social media in the world.

“The digital media age is most definitely here… and as Licensed Real Estate Service Practitioners, it is a definite must to be online. The more “links” or “paths” of connection, the better to find clients, agents, and new partnerships,” Tupaz sad.

“Gone are the days when having a celfone number and email address was already enough to be up-to-date. Various new mediums are currently emerging like video conferencing and webcasting, autoresponders and mailing list subscriptions, virtual assistants, internet calls, messaging, and cloud sharing, etc. Deals are being done every minute and people nowadays have an ASAP attitude towards information and replies to questions. The acceptable standard is a maximum of 48 hours for the first email reply, be it automated or otherwise. Failure to respond within this parameter gives the wrong impression on your business,” he added.

For Ms. Tabor, the 2013 Secretary of MBR, real estate brokers or sales professionals have to become resource providers and active digital networkers in order to share their knowledge and expertise by becoming adept in Real Estate Digital Marketing.

“Today the real estate market is shifting rapidly as consumers change their buying habits; a majority of global consumers depends on social networks to build business relationships. If people can’t find you on Facebook or Google, you may as well as not exist,” Tabor said in her article.

Real digital marketing promote services through digital channels and online platforms such as multimedia websites and marketing campaigns that leverages video, email, mobile, referrals, and social media on sites such as Active Rain, Facebook, Youtube, Trulia, Zillow, Twitter, blog, online forum and other platforms to achieve our real estate digital marketing goals and maximize the number of people exposed to our digital network.

Ms. Genevieve Bonquin and Ms. Marissa Tabor, both with PRC-PRBRES Chairman, Eduardo Ong.

Ms. Genevieve Bonquin and Ms. Marissa Tabor, both with PRC-PRBRES Chairman, Eduardo Ong.

“By leveraging your social media links, you can convert friends, fans, followers and users into buyers or sellers. Social networking/ media offers real estate companies and professionals an unmatched opportunity to become relevant with today’s savvy, technology-oriented real estate consumers,” she said.

According to NAR, 90% of buyers are searching the internet for homes to buy. Even in the Philippines, more and more buyers are searching homes through the internet.

“As millions and millions are now using internet and are communicating mostly through social media, it has become another venue to promote any products even real estate properties. Filipinos are among top users of these social media in the world, and because real estate properties cost a great deal on money, it is important to establish our credibility in these sites,” Ms. Bonquin said.

She sees the social media is a good way to establish the credibility of real estate professionals, that they are legitimate real estate professionals and promote their services and listings in a very personal and economical way.

Bonquin, who is the administrator of the Philippine Real Estate Directory Facebook group, also stated that digital or social media marketing enables real estate professionals to reach a wide base of market at very negligible cost.

“With the high cost of print ads and other marketing media, the social media marketing can be a very good alternative for penny-pinching real estate sales professional. It is also easy to meet fellow practitioners, post and exchange listings or get referrals from friends of our friends who might need our services. It is a good way of establishing business relationship to our prospective clients and partners in the industry,” she said.

Bonquin shared the wonderful things that internet and social media marketing has done to her job as a real estate professional. “It revolutionized my selling job,” she said.

Aside from it, it saved her from expenses in maintaining office and staff.

Bonquin encourages each and every duly licensed RESP to learn and take advantage the benefits these digital and social media technology to help increase their sales and curb the business loss due to colorums real estate practitioners.

Mr. Jovi Tupaz, developer and creator of www.PinoyBroker.com

Mr. Jovi Tupaz, developer and creator of http://www.PinoyBroker.com

“There is still a very small percentage of the duly licensed RESPs who are using the Digital and Social Media for their RE business compared to the number of colorums availing of this new marketing scheme,” she said.

Even if the businesses were revolutionized by internet and social media marketing, Tupaz warns that having your own website, Twitter ID, Facebook page, Linkedin account, etc., will not guarantee success.

“The correct tools must be used to disseminate a variety of information to a myriad of netizens. They must also be integrated such that if one medium was used by a client, it can easily and immediately be addressed at the shortest possible time. A common flaw of the digital and social media tools is that it can also be used against you… which is why, I try to make my online professional persona different from my friends and different again to my family and relatives. Rarely will you see my professional facebook account crowded with nonsense likes, shares, inappropriate pictures and comments,” he said.

For the website of Ms. Bonquin and Mr. Tupaz, please visit:

With sources from: http://www.wikipedia.org

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