Dr. Kirby at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore.

Dr. Kirby at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore.

APRECE stands for Asia Pacific Real Estate Convention and Expo. Organized by Mr. Jeff Foo, President of Institute of Estate Agents, it was held at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore from March 20-23, 2013.

The theme of this event is Bridging Global Partnership and was participated by 600 delegates from 16 countries wherein 56 out of 600 where from the Philippines.

As early as 8:30am, attendees started to cue for registration and seminar kits were distributed to each one of us.  As I looked around, I see smiling faces, delegates posing in groups, and individuals for picture taking. Yes, I must admit that I, myself, was excited too.

My close friends, Ms. Joy Ann So, Mr. Gary Hablero, and Mr. John Michael Lu were with me during the opening ceremony and were so busy networking. As we moved on to our program, we were given 5 minutes to say hi and hello and interact with our seatmates.  I loved that moment, truly unforgettable! Everyone was in high spirits reaching out making the most out from this opportunity to meet new prospective partners.

I quoted the speech of Mr. Gary Thomas, President of NAR 2013. According to him, our theme is “Bridging Global Partnership”, which is to work through professional bodies worldwide that subscribe a compatible code of ethics as a platform for global real estate business. This partnership has the ability to nurture collaborative initiatives which will result in greater education, technology and business opportunities that will benefit all partners in the global network.

Some of the real estate professionals the author met during the conference.

Some of the real estate professionals that Dr. Kirby met during the conference.

With such a huge number of delegates it is impossible to meet everyone. Want to know how I chose my new acquaintances? Let me share my secret to you. Use the eye contact and smile strategy.  Its what we called “synergy”, a connection.  This is how I met Diana Hayashida, Nancy Suvarnamani, Victoria Silvano, Heinz Fauz, just to name a few.

As we moved on to our afternoon session, with so many speakers and so limited time, I wanted to attend talks that would be beneficial and applicable to my practice. I, therefore, got hold of my conference and exhibition directory and started reading the speakers synopsis. That was my basis for choosing which talk I will attend to.

Congratulations to all our speakers who unselfishly shared their insights, knowledge and expertise on real estate. I’m sharing my inputs and comments on the speaker’s topics.

Colonel Mohamed Ismail, Chief Operations Officer of P & N holdings, talked about the formula of Success and Entrepreneurship based on his personal experiences. I strongly agree with Colonel Ismail that key to success is to have a strong foundation, knowledge on Real Estate,  values that make a difference to others , charisma to clients, and finding the right partners to work with.

Professor Tan Khee Glap, an Associate Professor of Public Policy of National University, stressed on the Challenges and Opportunities on the Global Economy in 2013. For every challenges and opportunities we encounter, we must be ready with a market strategy and a long term development plan.

Ms. Carmela Ma, a founder of CJM Associates, Inc., CIPS & CCIM Instructor USA, discussed the specialization in Commercial Investment Real Estate, counseling client regarding acquisition, and disposition of real estate. As a real estate broker, I see to it that I discuss with my clients the pros and cons in investing a particular property.  This includes value enhancement and possible risks to be expected by an investor.

Mr. Richard Mendenhall, Chair of the REALTORS University International USA, discussed about emphasizing on the importance of Continuing Education Program of every REALTOR. I believe that every real estate professional requires a high-quality program in real estate most especially when it comes to Code of Ethics. I am considering Mr. Mendenhall’s offer on Masteral degree on Real Estate.

The author with PRC-PRBRES Chairman, Dr. Edgardo Ong.

Dr. Kirby with PRC-PRBRES Chairman, Dr. Edgardo Ong.

Our very own Chairman of Professional Regulatory Board of Real Estate Dr. Eduardo Ong was also one of the speakers.  What made him stands out was his presentation of the attractive sceneries of our tourist spots, his unique humor, his sincere concern for proper education and practice of real estate, and his full confidence and one-of-a-kind charisma. As I watch and listen to him, I am definitely proud to be a Filipino. I love my country. I admire Chairman’s patience and devotion to the real estate industry. He is a true leader by heart. Mabuhay ka, Chair!

Finally, I sincerely thank Atty. Nelson Arquiza for co-organizing with Mr. Jeff Foo for this productive conference. More power to you.


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