Significance of the Oathtaking Ceremonies

We read in St. Matthew, 5: 33-43 :

IMG“Again, you have heard that it was said to the ancients,  ‘ Thou shalt not swear falsely, but fulfill thy oaths to the Lord’.

The Teachings of Jesus Christ is clear, we need to be truthful in what we say and do. Making a Oath is a solemn promise, that requires sincerity in speech, thought and action.

In the Republic Act 9646, known as the Real Estate Service Act, under Sec. 25, of Article IV, Practice of Real Estate Service reads… “All successful examines qualified for registration and all qualified applicants for registration without examination as well as accredited salespersons shall be required to take an oath before any member of the Board or Commission duly authorized by the Commission to administer Oaths, prior to entering into the Practice of real estate service in the Philippines. “


Board of Real Estate Service with top-notcher Geoffrey Cu-Uy-GamYu

Last August 28, 2013 (Wednesday) 1:00 p.m. the 3rd Oath taking Ceremonies New Real Estate Appraisers was held at the Manila Hotel, Fiesta Pavilion. Six hundred-ten new licensees attended a historic event in their profession as real estate appraisers.

OIC, Secretary's Office of Professional Regulatory Boards

Atty. Lovelika Bautista
OIC, Secretary’s Office of Professional Regulatory Boards

The ceremony started with a prayer by the lovely “Atty. Lovelika Bautista”, OIC, Office of the Secretary to the PRC Boards. She emphasized in her prayer, asking Our Lord to Help the incoming Professional Appraisers, “that professionalism and ethical values must be upheld over commercialism and materialism; that each oath-taker find fulfillment in their indispensable roles as guides and instrument to others need’s not only in real estate valuation, but that they should keep in mind the graces and the responsibility to follow God’s will.”

Likewise, the Chairman of the Professional Regulatory Board of Real Estate Service, Hon. Eduardo G. Ong, in his Welcome Remarks, delivered his message, on the bright prospects for the Real Estate Practitioner, and observed the steady growth of Professionals engaging in the Real Estate practice.

Professional Regulatory Board of Real Estate Service Mr Rafael Fajardo, Mr. Eduardo G. Ong

Professional Regulatory Board of Real Estate Service
Mr Rafael Fajardo, Mr. Eduardo G. Ong

“On behalf of the PRBRES, Congratulations! Welcome to the exciting and truly rewarding world of Real Estate Practice. Your Oath today, signifies your firm commitment to adhere to the highest Ethical standards if the Profession “Chairman EG Ong said.

It is Important to note the presence of the Author, and the Father of the RESA LAW , Honorable Congressman,  Rodolfo G. Valencia, or RGV to his friends. RGV’s presence in the Oath taking ceremonies, made the solemn moment much more significant.

The Program continued by guest speaker being introduced by Hon. Rafael M. Fajardo, Member, Board of Real Estate Service.

Guest speaker of 3rd Oath Taking of New Real Estate Appraisers Atty. Aristogerson Gesmundo

Atty. Aristogerson Gesmundo
Guest speaker of 3rd Oath Taking of New Real Estate Appraisers

Att. Aristogerson T. Gesmundo, the current Assistant Commissioner of the PRC, was the guest speaker. He has served the commission for 31 years, starting as a rank n file. And one could feel and see that Atty. Gesmundo spoke from the heart, with conviction and passion.

In his inspired speech Atty . Gesmundo said “By taking your oath, not only before men, but more importantly before God, you bound yourself to the profession – its obligations and standards – for the rest of your lives. From now on, you will be enjoying the rights and privileges of your profession, but you should always bear in mind that you now have a responsibility to meet the high expectations of your profession – a responsibility which includes the corresponding sanctions and stricter penalties for erring professionals.”

He later added. “Being a professional is not just about high moral and ethical standards, not only about professional competence, and not only about integrity in practice”

“PRC shall remain steadfast in its commitment to produce globally competitive and highly productive professionals. The PRC shall fully perform its role as “gatekeeper” by ensuring that the Filipino professionals are really competent as well as globally-competent,” Atty. Gesmundo stressed.


This year’s board top-notcher, Geoffrey Cu-Uy-GamYu with Dra. Kirby Salvador.

In his Closing Remarks, Hon. Ramon CF Cuervo III, pointed out that the Oath is a Prayer… So Help Me GOD…, “We Pray and give Thanks to GOD for this Blessing. And, in sincerity to what we say, and in Appreciation to the Gifts that GOD has given us. Let us show, it in deeds…” Hon. Cuervo III prayed. He continued with saying that one of the most important virtues to practice in order to keep once promise and Oath, intact with Integrity is…Commitment.”

Commitment in what we say, think, do and wish for, Saint Josemaria Escriva, wrote in his book FRIENDS OF GOD, on the chapter on Working for GOD, said, “Let us ask our Lord Jesus for Light, and beg him to help us discover, at every moment, the divine meaning which transforms our professional work into the hinge on which our calling to sanctity rest and turns.”

In every oath-taking, one must raise his right hand and repeats, with the words of the oath, unites the heart and mind, in a commitment to “adhere closely to the ethical and professional rules generally accepted by the Real Estate Practice.”

St. Josemaria Escriva.

St. Josemaria Escriva. founder of Opus Dei. Author of Friends of GOD.

During the Oath, in that solemn moment, emotions go high. We see some crying, Parents get moved, Spouses proud, people happy and clap, with bright smiles, congratulating each other, for a job well done!

Here is where we find its significance. Not just because under the jurisdiction of the Professional Regulations Commission and the Professional Regulatory Board of Real Estate Service, by law, it is important that we take our oath, but because, we depend on GODs Blessings and Graces. We also remember our forefathers who made the real estate appraisal industry grow and mature as a profession.

We are indeed thankful for the hard work of Hon. Congressman Rod Valencia, who in his selfless dedication, sacrifice and commitment, passed the Law on the Professional practice of Real Estate Service. This was what Cong. Rod Valencia worked so hard for, taking him more that 20 years to finish with success. Thank you RGV!


Author and Father of the RESA LAW , Honorable Congressman, Rodolfo G. Valencia with Mr. Ramon CF Cuervo III

“I further solemnly swear that at all times and places, I will adhere closely to the Ethical and Professional rules. I will well and faithfully discharge to the best of my ability, the duties, responsibilities and obligations incumbent upon”.

Well spoken words. Embedded in their hearts and minds and the promises made. Unfortunately, for some, what is said, is contrary, to what is being practice.

“what we need are deeds!, not just sweet words?.

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