Gazing Back into the ” Past Future”: Philippine @ 2013

Sometime  in January,  2013, I made my usual forecast and predictions. I wrote at, that “I see FIRE , and i see RAIN ”. I made that fearless forecast, learning from past trends weather conditions in the philippines, the economic- political climate,  and based on international disasters – natural and economic.

I saw, that the time was ripe, and that the Philippines was now due to experience earthquakes, floods, and the storm surge. Our geographical location, being along  the ” ring of fire” , opens the possibility, or large probability, for a big earthquake to happen, and  the entry of giant tropical storms.

It was not a guessing game, but all I did was ” connect the dots”. I based my predictions on interviews from  experts;  one of which is, the famous and well respected, geologist , Dr. Caloy Arcilla of project NOAH of the University of the Philippines  What i did was to follow the pattern of disasters happening around the  Asian-Pacific region, I came into  the ” vision” of ” Fire & Rain” .

Geological and Geophysical Scientific Basis: Good to know and understand the facts

I wrote several blogs from 2011 to 2013, and using probabilities, studies from experts and readings from blogs, or commentaries of scientists. This is how my predictions hit the ” bulls eye target ” for  2013. No, it was not a prophetic gift, but simply an extrapolation  of probabilities from historical trends and analysis of data and information.

The mysteries of  ”  Fung Sui” and the Zodiac  Chinese calendar, for 2013, was the year of the ” water snake”.  But, for those who are superstitious , and use numerology, the number 13 can be either unlucky or lucky;  challenging, or a dangerous number. So, the year 2013,  more often than not was dreaded as unlucky. Unfortunately, the soothsayers were in some way right.

Global Chaos: A Political- Economic Rough Landscape

The year of the snake was particularly chaotic, it came in since 2008, and remained  systemic, chronic , and progressive. To this day, the Western world, is  Still suffering from the 2008 meltdown. Parts of Europe is still in a bad state and the US economy, holding on to bankruptcy and unemployment, that our ” wild anaconda snake ”  managed  to gobble up. Imagine, a whole industrial big time  city , like that of Detroit, USA,  going into bankruptcy!

Another cause of danger was the US government  ” shutdown” , it was a  shutoff between the Democrats and Republicans, about the budget, debt ceiling, government spending. Adding more injury, is  the ” Obama No-care ” program , that had led to the US health care domestic problems to snowball. Unfortunately , when the US government catches a cold, some part of the whole global economic situation gets affected with a ” flu”.

This year, the whole world got into ” pins n’ niddels ” .It was a scare and shock to some, because,  the U.S. government was forced to shut down. Was this for real? or, just a political ” standoff”  between the Democratics and Republicans, as to who was to ” blink” and give in, at the expense of the innocent citizens of the USA.  Although it ended up to an amicable solution, the harm was done. Now people are skeptical and do not trust the government.

The policy of the US Administration, was to increase the debt-ceiling and  force the Obama-No-Care program to be implemented, even if in its launch , it proved to be a failure. Then , there is this Government scandal of the ” Fast & Furious” , the secret underground selling high power fire arms to drug lords!  Also, the IRS Harassment to Conservative Groups, and other abuses from Wall Street, the Geed of the Super Rich.. etc,  all lead to the global financial disaster and economic chaos, which affected the Global Economic Balance.

The Philippines however, being resilient and strong with brilliant and outstanding financial technocrats and leaders,  such as , Sec Cesar Purisima, and BSP Governor Amando M. Tetangco Jr, who where voted as the best Finance Minister and Central Bank governor respectively, managed to do an excellent job.

Together,  with our monetary board, other Government Tecnocrats,  and private sector business leaders, did a splendid job in managing our economy through dangerous waters and global crisis.. with great SUCESS !

Unfortunately, for there is still so much Graft & Corruption in the Philippine Government. For,   not all government civil servants, leaders, congressmen, senators and politicians have the same sense of values, patriotic and ethical standards.

The PDAF Pork barrel scandal,  was  the worse graft and corruption expose of the century. It doesn’t take much common sense  to prove that the tentacles of this monstrous multi-billion crime,  extends to all sectors and departments  of the government, the Executive, Judicial, Legislative, LGUs, using fake  NGO’s to pocket Billions of Pesos.

You  name  the Department or Agency, and one can see, experience and know that there is corruption.  We have been cheated and defrauded by Billions. Our 108 million Filipinos , who about 80% are in the poverty line were deprived of the badly needed funds for Food, Shelter, Roads, Education, Health Care, Social Welfare, etc.

To steal and cheat is bad , but to do this against the interest of the poor, sick and marginalized , is so evil that it cries out to Heven for Vengance !

The pork barrel scandal,  is so shameful, that even the international and global community were in shock. World leaders, and people all over the globe saw,  the shameless act of stealing from the poor. These people have done it in the past , and are doing it now, they will do it again and again.. There is no end to Greed, Political Dynasties and the Crimes that go with it. It’s all about having , Power and Authority. Using, Gold, Guns, Goons, and Votes.

The vicious ” anaconda snake”  of 2013 , tried to swallow whatever limited resources our Nation has, when it comes to self-interest,  selfishness  and greed , it shows no limit,  for these is a ” bottomless” pit of snakes , the criminal syndicates that are protected by powerful rich politicians, it is a conspiracy with the ” underworld ” international  syndicates. Some sectors, and not only  public , but also private conglomerates , multinational corporations, Trade and Business Organizations are involved.So, I can surmise , that corruption practically involves  all sectors of our society, that it has become our normal way  of life.. Tolerated, encouraged and with no regulatory power in government to implement the anti- corruption program.

Our country’s sufferings from dishonesty and blatant corrupt practices,  could be considered as the ” scandal of the century” . But as I see it, it’s just the ” tip of the iceberg” .

Well,   Beside the PDAF Pork Barrel Scandal, we had several international issues, like  the Sabah confrontation, relations with China, Hong Kong and Taiwan went cold. The International Courts vs the Philippine Government by the Belgians regarding their Dredging project of Laguna de Bay, the Czechoslovakian Ambassador exposé on bribery, and the Zamboanga Siege, of Moslem extremist rebels .. All made it in the Big Time international News .. ” It’s More Fun in the Philippines.. ” Holdap-Pan” ” Kidna-Pan” & ” Patay-Patay Yan”.

We also had, as predicted, the “atomic-bomb”   of 7.2 magnitude earthquake at  Cebu and Bohol. Then, came the historical , most powerful and devastating ” Yolanda storm surge” destroying  to the ground Tacloban, Samar, Leyte, Cebu and the rest of the Visayas region, with more than 6,800 persons dead., ( could be more, because, the national government decided to stop counting , looking and caring for the dead )

There were also Numerous Murders, Important Politicians killed, Journalist shot dead, others liquidated… Why is it that Life can be treated so cheap in this Dominant Catholic & Christian Nation? There were Fires, Arsons, and Squatter communities burned down.

Road mishaps are all time high with  deadly accidents; such as   like a bus flying over the Skyway, and killing several people. All these are but a few disasters that  are piling up as we  end of this turbulent year of the ” Anaconda Snake” ; and of ” FIRE & RAIN” .

As i am writing this blog now,we have  cases of explosive accidents caused by firecrackers, called ” Napoles Pork , Boom na Boom ” Good-bye Fire- Craker- P-Nog ” and the dynamite like ” Yolanda Kaboom!”. So, we

are racking up the charts of victims in the hospitals. And,  once more with carless people who have losses their fingers, hands, and lives.. But what is sad is the death of innocent children from stray  bullets, fired by some criminal.. For Fun?

But, let me end, Giving Thanks to GOD. The Philippines and the Filipino, no matter what is a Lovely Great Nation, with Silent unseen HEROS , with countless of hidden, humble Saints, Exemplary  Leaders, Patriots and very worthy Honorable Men and Women.

The Filipino Family have Strong ties, the quiet majority practice Respect to Life, the Elders, and with Compassion for the Poor and the Sick. Our Families, try to practice Good Filipino Values and best of all , Living  Lives with FAITH in GOD, HOPE for Change ,  to do Good, and with LOVE in their Hearts for All.


” GRACIAS tibi,  DEUS , GRACIAS tibi…”

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