Having just arrived from an early morning flight from Bacolod City, E-Commerce and Digital Expert Ms. Janette Toral, goes out of her way, to accommodate me in my request to learn more details about E- Commerce and its applications in Real Estate Services.


Mr. Ramon CF Cuervo III having a wonderful and inspiring conversation with Ms. Janette Toral about E-commerce and Real Estate Services.

From her long, early morning trip, Ms. Toral sacrificed her Sunday morning rest and shared her knowledge and expertise with my Information Technology staff, Jhaypee Mendoza, at the Promenade GreenHills Shopping center. We had more than three (3) hours of learning experiences, new ideas and brilliant insights on how to make use of E-Commerce and Digital Marketing for Real Estate.


Mr. Ramon CF Cuervo III, Ms. Janette Toral and Jhaypee Mendoza

Jhaypee Mendoza, a Computer Science graduate, in his quest to advance his education , skills and seek better opportunities in the world of Cyber Business or Trade,  signed up for this  January 25th Webinar. Ms. Janette Toral (DigitalFilipino) partners with Ateneo De Manila University and eLearning Edge to offer a 14-week, 3-Module Certified Blog and Social Media Entrepreneur program which runs from January 25, 2014 until June 14, 2014.

Like Jhaypee, i urge Real Estate Practitioners ,  to seek profitable business opportunities in learning more about how to best use E-Commerce and Digital Marketing. The idea is to go beyond just posting on  “Multiple Listings”  sites, or other Internet Social Media to advertise their properties, but rather, to go deeper into the Technical Competence of using the Computer, iPhones , iPads, and even Mobile Phones in their Real Estate  services. Unfortunately, the use of  technology, such as in Social Media can be abused, and therefore must be subject to regulations, moral and ethical standards, and the implementation of the E-Commerce Law.

In our discussions, Ms. Toral, suggested that I set up an Academy in Real Estate, write eBooks, or go into “webinars”..  She reads my blogs on cuervopropertyadvisory, and encouraged me to expand this into an “institution” where I could help reach out to a bigger readership,  and be of service to aspiring Real Estate Practitioners, or for my Fellow Realtors to advance in their knowledge of new trends, opportunities or simply keep in touch with ” Real Estate Insights” , my Real Estate Monitor , our Essays on ” Footprints on Land”.

We saw also the need to offer Review Classes and Courses on Line. The Future  of ” On Line Education” will happen. Students , especially from the provinces , must be given the opportunity and access to Education. The required course of taking Bachelors Degree on Real Estate Management ,  can be done “On Line” and therefore affordable to a great majority of Filipinos who find it difficult to enroll in Universities or Collages due to distance, financial difficulties, or other challenges, like for Persons with Disabilities.

Janette Toral is currently visiting different parts of the country to conduct her e-commerce and digital marketing boot camps.

Janette Toral is the author of Blogging from E-Commerce Workshop E-Book co-author/editor of the Philippine Internet Review: 10 Years of Internet History (1994 – 2004), and DigitalFilipino: An E-Commerce Guide for the eFilipino.

Ms. Toral has published 14 research reports tackling Internet, e-commerce, online banking, IT manpower, outsourcing, mobile phone usage, IT adoption developments in the country.


Mr. Ramon CF Cuervo III with Mother of E-commerce Ms. Janette Toral

Janette Toral renders consulting work in the area of e-commerce strategy, website development, and digital marketing. She owns the DigitalFilipino Club where knowledge sharing, networking, and training events are usually conducted. She regularly conducts training on e-learning, e-mail marketing, Internet advertising, blogging, online payment, website marketing, e-commerce project planning, software process improvement, requirements management, and software project management. Janette Toral is a certified SCRUM Master and Product Owner.

Ms. Janette Toral was featured last January 17-18 in front page of Businessworld Weekender by Jasmine Cruz. She was called the “Mother of E-Commerce”. Ms. Toral has made a living online and teaches others how to do it. Ms. Jasmine Cruz quoted “Janette Toral is considered the ‘mother’ of e-commerce in the Philippines, earning the title for her role in lobbying for an e-commerce law in the Philippines. The result was The Philippines E-Commerce Law Republic Act No. 8792, which was signed in 2000 by then President Joseph Ejercito Estrada.IMG_0002 copy

She co-produced and hosted the Podcastback in 2006. It was considered the first podcast in the Philippines that had commercial sponsors supporting it. She rendered consulting work from May 2005 to June 2007, functioning as executive director, to the Congressional Oversight Committee for the E-Commerce that resulted to the release of Data Privacy Guidelines (DTI DAO 8), SME-FIT (S.B. Corp.), Consumer Protection on Electronic Banking (BSP Circular 542), Procurement Eligibility Amendment (GPBB 07-2006), E-Payment and Collection System in Government (DTI-DOF Joint DAO #2), NTC  Data Log Retention Circular, and NTC Consumer Protection Guidelines.

Ms. Janette is a recipient of the DTI/CITEM E-Services Philippines E-Champion Award 2008 for Policy Development following Senators Magsaysay and Roxas. She is a columnist to Sun.Star Cebu since 2003, and the ambassador of the Philippine School Cyberfair Competition.

She is also the founder of the Philippine Internet Commerce Society, where she served as president for 5 years (1997-2002), and lobbied for the passage of the Y2K Law and E-Commerce Law (Republic Act 8792).

Last June 14, 2000, Wednesday 10 am, former President Joseph Ejercito Estrada signed the Electronic Commerce Act into law. Here’s the full content.
To understand the E-Commerce Law further, you can also read the following:

1.) Salient Features of RA8792, The E-Commerce Law
This gives an overview on the major sections of the law for easier understanding.

2.) Annotations and Implementing Rules and Regulations
This is a pdf file. A guide made by Atty. JJ Disini where I’ve provided its legislative history.

3.) The E-Commerce Law Policy Advocacy Process (pages 106-116 of the Philippine Internet Review)
Petite Nuñez contributed a paper in the publication sharing how the law became possible. This can also serve as reference for anyone wanting to lobby information technology-related legislations in the future

4.) Additional regulations that were released after the passage of the legislation.
There are several department administrative orders and memorandum circular to support the implementation of the law.

5.) Lessons Learned in Cyber Legislation
As one of the lobbyist and got involved in monitoring its implementation, there are a lot of lessons learned especially in the implementation of the law that I shared here.

6.) Janette Toral Blog on E-Government and E-Commerce
This is where I also got to shared some of the policy developments and concerns on the execution of the law, including its politics.

Ms. Janette Toral lobby for the passage of the E-Commerce Law in the year 2000. At that time, Senator Ramon Magsaysay Jr. has successfully went through the deliberation process with Senators Santiago, Biazon, Revilla, Guingona, Enrile, Tatad, and Jaworski. But when it came to Senator Roco, we got into trouble. He remarked, “Your proposed bill is patterned after Singapore but most of our laws, court rulings, and references are patterned after the USA.”

As a result, they had to go back to the technical working group and re-wrote the bill patterned after the original UNCITRAL model. In her observation during floor deliberations, our legislators usually exchanged pleasant introductions to each other. So, prior to Senator Magsaysay’s return to the floor, Ms. Janette asked him to recognize Senator Roco as the only I.T.-sensitive presidentiable in the 1998 elections and first legislator to have his own top-level domain name,

And so during the floor deliberation, Senator Magsaysay did recognize him. Senator Roco laughed, smiled, and said, “I think I better sit down. You know in this floor. Flattery can get you anywhere.” It is a remark that she will never forget. Senator Roco did sit down and not contend much about the revised version anymore.

The mother of e-commerce is really a nurturer at heart as she doesn’t just help her followers learn, but she also wants to bring them closer toward their goals.

“I encourage them to become leaders.” Ms. Toral said, and through her help, the e-commerce industry in the country can be more diverse and vibrant.

We take this opportunity to thank Ms. Janette who has a kind and generous heart and truly a mother of e-commerce, one who knows how to share, give, and dedicate her advocacy with the passion of serving others.


Business World Weekender

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