DAVOS WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM : Reshaping the World ?

Just concluded, with out much specific, concrete and decisive resolutions, is the DAVOS World Economic Forum. It was held  at the Luxurious Swiss Alps, “forum” , or maybe a “Get-together” for “members only” by the exclusively for the super rich, powerful &  mighty and  high society elite. The World Economic Forum, looked  more like a reunion of Global super Billionaires, who network for bigger, more and endless ends for ” wealth dominance” .


The ambiance is that of receptions of free flowing champagne, stressful  “stem- cell” or “botoks” smiles, of the elite billionaires, moving the world economy, and making waves with “earth shaking” economic ( personal interests) of ” world prosperity “.

The fact is that  50% of the Global Wealth  is owned and controlled by only 85 Persons, Families or Corporations. In Jakarta alone, 10% wealth is controlled by only a few amounting to $ 17 billion. The Philippines unfortunately, can not give me or satisfy my seeking the truth, because the rich and wealthily, manage to keep their Cash in ” Bathtubs” , Swiss accounts , and kept in volts. But the facts are so blatant that our super rich to my best “guesstimate” are close to that of Jakarta, that would be about 10% of our wealth is controlled by the top 100 Families, Taipans ,  Corporations, Corrupt Politicians , Drug Lords, and the like.

The Forum recognizes the problems and issues of Increase in Income Disparity, Social Injustice, inadequate  Structural  reforms, Inequality, Unemployment, and the dangers of a Political Crisis that these issues will bring about In the future.

The DAVOS  theme of ” Reshaping the World” will mean nothing as long as the predominant “PERSONAL” interest and agenda of  coveting more for self is dominant in a person, rooted in a blind sickness of the addiction of a miser who’s obsession is hoarding as much riches as possible.

This World Economic Forum , as I see it, is more like a “Billionaires Exclusive Club”  were they party to network , Ego Trip, and find ways to profit, or how to dominate the ” World Economy”.

History teaches us , that Unless there be drastic changes in this attitude of greed, and neglect the persons in need, then, we may end up with the dangers of violence, revolutions, wars and other forms of hostilities. There is a limit for patience, tolerance and suffering.  The larger, bigger majority of people who are  in hunger and want, will have no other  recourse but to seek justice in a violent revolution, chaos, anarchy, or stand up in arms against  the abuses being committed by the blind super rich who may not care at all about the need to distribute wealth with equality and justice.

There are fundamental changes that should be introduce , such as Paying the Right and Proper wages and salaries. Giving Job opportunities to all regardless of color, race, religion, gender and even for the persons with disabilities.

A critical reform will be in the area of Taxation , why is it that in the Philippines , the top 100 income earners do not make it as the top tax payers? The Philippines is a very good example of Social  inequality. The Rich , Politicians , people in power, and those in control, using  their ” Gold, Guns & Goons”  end up building Political Dynasties, Territorial Fortress, and their ” Public Administration ” is that of the traditional ” Trapo ” Feudal system.

To  start of “Reshaping the World” requires first and foremost in each persons determination to change. This means, a change in exorbitant  Life Styles, from a consumer – materialistic mentality,  to that of Detachment, Sobriety, Moderation, and Generosity.

If each super billionaires would just brake away from the addiction of More, More and More.. But instead use their  resources   and wealth in setting up foundations for training, education institutions, rural development, health and medical services for the poor, housing for the homeless, food for the hungry, care homes for abandoned elderly and children.. And so on , then we shall have the “Structural Changes” necessary for ” Reshaping the world” ; by having Social Justice, Income Distribution, with better pay of wages and salaries, , and building a strong middle class to bridge the gap between the super Billionaires and the Poorest of the Poor who number a big majority in our Civil society.


The economic well-being of a country is not measured exclusively by the quantity of goods it produces but also by taking into account the manner in which they are produced and the level of equity in the distribution of income. (source: Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church, The right to fair remuneration and income distribution, 303)

Remuneration is the most important means for achieving justice in work relationships.[659] The “just wage is the legitimate fruit of work”.[660] (source: Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church, The right to fair remuneration and income distribution, 303)

Riches fulfil their function of service to man when they are destined to produce benefits for others and for society.(source: Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church, Wealth exists to be shared, 329)




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