Some issues and concerns of Real Estate Salespersons

 Yesterday, we discussed some key points and factors on how to become real estate sales champion. In today’s article we will continue on some issues and concerns facing the practice of real estate selling in the Philippines.

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Real estate salespersons work for brokers they help brokers to act as agents whether in selling or buying, renting or managing a particular property, of their client and principal

The demanding work of a real estate salesperson requires that they be familiar and well informed of the properties or projects that they’re handling.

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 Since the real estate salespersons are the front liners, they undergo all sources of difficulties, for example we see them handing out fliers and brochures in the streets under all types of weather conditions, rain or shine just hoping to catch a prospective buyer. Often they get humiliated or rejected and yet their work attitude has to be positive with a sincere smile and with true sense of service. Those who persevere do so because of their love and passion in what they are doing. They do not allow the pressure or stress to discourage them in pursuing their career.

One of the most common complaints I received from real estate salespersons are the abuses being done by some re brokers, for example, giving of unrealistic sales quotas, deducting their allowances and worst of all non-payment of commission due.

The real estate broker has the necessary authority and power like an employer but this can sometimes be abused. The real estate salesperson is under the mercy of their real estate broker. And what’s frustrating is, there is no regulatory government agency to protect the sales person, sort of a constitution, human rights, civil code and some provisions of the labor code.

It is written in the Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church under the right to fair remuneration and income distribution that Remuneration is the most important means for achieving justice in work relationships. The “just wage is the legitimate fruit of work”.

They commit grave injustice who refuse to pay a just wage or who do not give it in due time and in proportion to the work done. A salary is the instrument that permits the labourer to gain access to the goods of the earth. “Remuneration for labour is to be such that man may be furnished the means to cultivate worthily his own material, social, cultural, and spiritual life and that of his dependents, in view of the function and productiveness of each one, the conditions of the factory or workshop, and the common good”. The simple agreement between employee and employer with regard to the amount of pay to be received is not sufficient for the agreed-upon salary to qualify as a “just wage”, because a just wage “must not be below the level of subsistence” of the worker: natural justice precedes and is above the freedom of the contract.

When I was a real estate salesperson, I also experienced looking for a buyer of raw lands and had to walk from Wawa Dam to Boso-boso all the way to Teresa, Rizal through the river, not minding the heat of the sun and my tired foot. I also had experienced to be abused by this developer, and it took us more than one year to get our commission. We know that project selling takes a lot of time and effort from registering to HLURB, to payment of fees, there’s so much to pay and yet they don’t get the back pay they deserve.

 It is very annoying that some people can’t see the sacrifices and the hardships that real estate salespersons had to go through. Because there are brokers’ and developers possess this characteristic I call “bullets+grapes” (balasubas).

tesdaIn conclusion, salespersons are being abused because they are not covered by the Labor Code, and there is no regulatory government agency to protect their rights. There should be rules to be implemented on what to do with this people who are not paying the real estate salespersons’.They can associate themselves and found a UNION which will protect their rightsI would also suggest that they would have their trainings in TESDA. It will be a good training ground for them.

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