One of the most important roles of the Family, particularly the parents, is the responsibility of the Good upbringing of their children. A formal education is a natural right of the child. After the family, it is also the responsibility of our Society, State, Religious Institutions, Civil & even part of Business Sectors to “invest” in the education of our next generation. Our Children is our Hope and we Nurture them to Grow, Mature and Contribute to the Nations Development.

Unfortunately due to poverty, greed, self-interest, ignorance and what is worst, the hypocrisy and a self righteous attitude, of those who  have” ( money, riches) but would not share, give or care in providing Scholarships and Education to those in need.

To site a specific situation, let me share a case where I am a witness of. This involves a Family Corporation, were the Father and Founder dies. The Widow then appoints a new Board to the Family Corporation. The family nominates two new board members who happen to be “prestigious” businessmen. They are part of the “high” society of Manila, and one of them happens to be a cousin of the widow. This well known businessman is a member of a religious group, and a promoter of “Corporate Governance”. The other new board member is his brother-in-law an American Economist works for the “American Interest” in South East Asia.

Using their position of Power, Authority & Influence, they conspired to “fire” out the President, a son of the Founder. He is a Licensed Real Estate Professional of the said Family Corporation.

During a board meeting, the two new appointed members of the board accused the President for allegedly, “not being a team player”, spent too much on gasoline, unliquidated expenses, etc.

After the accusations, came the judgment, then the execution…all in one sweep of a “mob” rule. There was no due process of a defense, except a proposal from the President for a win-win solution… but this was rejected. There was no separation pay, no compensation, his company car and other belongings sequestered with no pity…it was so cruel to say the least.

The Board justified their inhuman act, because the President did not “comply” with the rules they set: “Corporate Governance”

The Consequences of the injustice are still being felt even after 10 years are:

1.) Poverty, Hardships, Humiliations, Tears, Fear of the President’s Family. His Loving Wife suffered beyond anything that one cannot even imagine. They have six children, at that time they’re just 16 to 5 years old and ALL in NEED of EDUCATION!

2.) Their Eldest daughter had to stop her studies, go abroad for work to support a younger brother.
3.) The Special Child had to be given private tutorials.
4.) The Family Corporation suffered some issues about their credibility because of the scandal they involved. And the Siblings ended up divided. What was once a happy, United Family, ended up Torn apart because of the corporate saga.
5.) The Rights and Privileges of a Son the former President were ignored.
6.) They did not allow the former President from going to the office & Family Home. They even had guards, to ban him to visit his Mother.

7.) The deep wounds will not heal. Yes, we need to forgive but there must be JUSTICE, TRUTH, & RESTITUTION.

Bottom line:

These so called “honorable” businessmen drove a wedge of division, discord and animosity to a Family of which they are not even part of.

The poor, innocent children were deprived from a proper EDUCATION. This will leave a lifelong sad memory in the tender minds of the Children who saw and experienced the Tears, Pains & Sufferings of their parents, brothers and sisters. The Consequences of forcing “Corporate Governance” above Human Rights and the Dignity of the person will go down to the next generations and history will expose the Truth.
I could not stop the tears when this cousin of my Mother even had the guts to say when he ordered to the president to step down and leave with the words still echoing in my mind… “Don’t Worry, We Love You just the same”. Is this “love”?!!!

Is Corporate Governance above Human Rights, Respect of the Person, and His Family? What about Solidarity, Unity, Fairness, Justice and Harmony?
This cousin of my Mother, is popular for his “charitable” works…But is it not True that Charity is expressed in Good Works? Charity begins at HOME and not Lip service.
Now, what about the EDUCATION of the Children? Why “punish” the innocent?
To end, I was told that after 10 long years, this family corporation is now making money. They are profitable… very good… but at what price?

What will it profit a corporation, if they gain high earnings, but have suffered the Loss of their Soul, Spirit and Humanity…?

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