Thanks be to God it’s Friday! Oh no, the 13th?

For a typical office worker, employee or laborer,  Friday tends to be the ‘feel good’ day before the weekend.

It’s on a Friday when I see nearly all employees , including their managers,  dress casually  — from slacks, barong tagalongs  and office uniforms to jeans and T-Shirts.  It’s what they call ‘dress down’ or ‘Hang loose’; a ‘get- up’ that is ready to ‘go and party’.

However, for Real Estate Brokers and salespersons, weekends are more often the busiest time of the week. It is during weekends that clients, prospective buyers, and property investment hunters prepare to go and take trips to see and visit the properties being offered for sale.

For the superstitious, however, Friday the 13th could mean ‘bad luck’.
And that being so, one would rather stay home, read, watch TV, surf the net, play games, and wait for the ‘end of the world’ .
Why so? I don’t know.
Working under the dark clouds of fear, pessimism, anger, vindictiveness, revenge is not only foolish but un-healthy for the mind, soul and body.

But as a Christian, I’d rather put my trust in God, relax and abandon my cares to the Almighty Providence, mercy and goodness of God.

Having a positive worry-free attitude is always a big advantage for the salesperson or Real Estate Broker.  This is a mind-set that is free from the ‘what if’s’, ‘buts’ and the wild, crazy imagination which the mind creates from the superstitious notion that ‘Friday the 13th is bad luck’.

Funny.. in our family the 13th , on the contrary, has always been lucky.
We are 13 siblings with 13 successful real estate projects.

1993 — the 13th year of Cuervo Appraisers, Inc.– was a good year of valuing properties.
It was when I was 13 years old that I truly had great fun, adventures, travels, and independence.

There is a need to overcome our Fears.  So, my advice is to build-up self-confidence! An optimistic and positive outlook comes from knowing how to transform a ‘bad day’ into a day of learning experience; to change a negative outlook preoccupied with life’s difficulties and obstacles into an inspired and positive mind-set.

Indeed, we build self-confidence with experience -– by being in control of our emotions, passions and imagination; by knowing how to handle our fears and worries as well.

Having faith in God, putting our trust in Divine Providence is an attitude, an approach to Life, that I always try to share with others.

 ‘For us who love GOD , all things will work out for the Good

If GOD is with me, who or what will I fear?

Courage, fortitude, a strong spirit of confidence – these are very important qualities of a Winner, a Leader and a successful Real Estate Practitioner.

Friday the 13th, shall no longer haunt us with fear of the ‘ifs & buts‘.
We, instead, choose to enjoy the day with a youthful, victorious attitude of being assured that ‘all things will work out for the Good‘.

Thanks be to God, it’s a Friday!

The day begins with bright sunrise;
Each moment is set in motion with enthusiasm and eagerness to serve;
It is a welcome approach to the weekend at hand  and a time to ‘go casual’ while enjoying Life and being of service to others.

Let us therefore value this day, embrace each moment, treasure our time and use it well –making it all worthwhile.  It is a Lucky Day!

Good Morning!

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